Saturday, 20 March 2010

Bungil Beach, Muckle Roe

I don't know how steep that looks, but I can tell you it's very steep and at 8.30am even steeper! The only reason I took the photo there is that it was about the only safe place to leave the pushchair, the rest was sheep rutted path and splodge.

With Beren up since 5.45am and already bored in the house I thought I'd go out discover another cove on the South of Muckle Roe before going to pick Clare up from the airport later.

Well it didn't take long to realise I should have probably just taken him to the park so I could sit down and he could play!

The view looking back to Muckle Ayre got better and more time consuming the higher I got...

Beren was obviously feeling fit though, but then I might be if some one had pushed me up that hill and through the heather and muck. Here he is doing an early morning kettlebell work out (net floats really, but he's only little). Bungil Beach and then Gilsa Ayre are in the background.

It was soon pretty apparent we wouldn't be going down to the beach.

I left Beren strapped in while I desperately searched for a route we could take, but had to admit defeat. Arrgg... defeated by a mere cliff? No, I'll be back on my own some time to find a way down. Those net floats mean some one has been up and down collecting off the beach, and if they can so can I. It'll be great to kayak to these coves too when it finaly arrives.

It was a great morning once the shock of the climb had worn off and I knew the way back was pretty much down, very very down actually the quick way we returned.

Back on the relative safety of Muckle Ayre Beren played piling stones before kicking them down, time and time again. I sat.

One last push back to the car, with a hope that Beren would fall asleep on the way home. He didn't. But Clare was home later, so I did!


  1. I hope the pushchair has good brakes!!! Seriously, you should park it pointing away from the edge of the banks...

  2. Two very good locking rear brakes, also has a front brake. I wasn't as far away as it looks in that photo nor as close to the edge as it looks (cropped), but thanks for your concern.

    If it was sideways on, being a 3 wheeler it is more likely to tip and roll if he lent over...

    I don't really want to kill my son, honest!