Thursday, 11 March 2010

Big Brother is watching, more than ever...

Wow what a shock I've just had!

I was reading a thread on Shetlink about the google car going round photographing all the streets in the UK. For a laugh I thought I know I'll have a look at our old house...

Well there I am talking to Nick and Shaggy the plumbers about the merits of renting or selling our house in Carlin How and which letting agencies they do work for! I notice Google have blanked out our car registration number and faces, what a job that must be!

I remember the out-cry when CTV first started being used in town centres but that is nothing compared to this. Has there been any complaints?

It also brought back memories of my camper Lullabelle De Ville (LDV) that I converted from a minibus. Sadly she wasn't well enough to make the great trip north to Shetland.

Again registration and even phone number and website for my business blanked out!

Courtesy of Google here's a picture of the house we used to live in in Skinningrove, down the hill a bit before we moved up in the world  to Carlin How (or Snarling Cow).

'ello 'ello  'ello, what's going on 'ere then? Looks like a learner motorcyclist has knocked some one off a bike at the corner of Lingdale where I was brought up.

And for completeness, where we are now in Firth Shetland, are they tomatoes they were growing or tatties? The satelite dish, shed and benches have gone!

If you fancy a bit of spying on where you live or might live, or wonder what you might have been caught doing when the google car zipped by go onto the google home page. Click on maps. Drag your area to the centre of the screen. If you double click on the area you want it will keep zooming in a bit more each time. When you can see the road you want click on the yellow person above the zoom scroll bar and drag it onto the road. Wait... A picture should open up of the road. You can move along it by clicking on the arrows on the picture or turn left and right and up and down using the arrows in the little box top left. Double click on an area and it zooms in!

Technology never ceases to amaze me but at the same time frighten the living daylights out of me too!

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