Wednesday, 24 February 2010

The Tresta Run

Snow's been cleared off most main and side roads. There wasn't the predicted snow overnight. Clare's got back to the office and we've got a bit of cabin fever, so we decided to head out to a beach near a little place called Tresta going towards the west of Mainland Shetland near Bixter. I had planned to go from Voe via 'The Alps Road' but when I turned on to it I decided it was still far too slippy for a normal car, so we carried on for the Kergord and Weisdale route there.

It has been a fanstatic sunny day, still staying as low as -4.5c by the cars reckoning, but no wind and a bit of thaw going on it places. The beach was lovely no one but ourselves and then a bit later someone having a quick canter on a horse. Throwing stones, skimming stones and soaking in the view...

Sullom Voe near Brae

Heading towards Voe

The Kames

Tresta Beach...


  1. Woah that's a nice blue sky~
    I feel a change of banner is coming ;-)

  2. Yeh lovely day, as is today. No change of banner planned yet though :O)

    Hope to get out over the weekend if the roads are passable again, bad today.