Thursday, 25 February 2010

Tide and Time

Tide and tide wait for no man sprang to mind yesterday whilst out on 'The Tresta Run'. Well it did eventually. The first thought as a hearse with coffin, possibly unoccupied, passed me in the snow was that death doesn't care whether the roads are open or not.

There's one ambulance for the whole of the Shetland Isles. That's only 23,000 people but spread over something like 26 inhabited islands and 100 miles top to bottom. Not suprising then that there is a call for a second ambulance. A man being taken to hospital in the back of a rental van added strength to that call. Luckily there is also a First Responder Scheme of volunteers in place.

There was a call for an independent service, may be still is...

Anyway, whether it's because I'm soon to be classed as a veteran (over 40) if I join Vidlin yoal rowing club or not I don't know, but for all I don't worry about death it's been present in my thoughts, dreams, and other's blogs lately. I've had disturbing nights which have left me feeling pretty grotty with unpleasant dreams in relation to others deaths, real and not, as well as some past incidents that greatly affect me. Once awake I've tried to just let the thoughts drift away, not to look for any meaning in them, not to try to detach from the emotionality of my dreams but not to feed those feelings either. The thoughts still come, as they do as I type this now, but I try to let them go of their own accord. Ignoring them, but not stopping them.

Why they come, I really don't know. Should I want to know, I don't know that either, but my intuition just tells me to let it go, breath and feel the present.

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