Sunday, 21 February 2010

Sound Sands

With a grotty forecast of rising wind and snow showers we were surprised to wake up to yet another glorious winter scene and decided to make the most of it with a visit to Sound and Gulberwick. As it turned out we spent our time enjoying the beach at Sound before retiring to visit friends at Gulberwick for a cuppa and a grand surprise of a bag full that Shetland winter favourite, home cured reestit mutton.

At low tide The Holm of Sound is great for climbing about on and gives a great view of the wildlife in the crystal clear waters, seals, shags, gulls and grebes amongst others. I really need to re-learn my sea birds and waders up here, and get some binoculars.

We pottered about the beach for a while and Beren played with another toddler who was down there with his family, with me setting a bad example by rolling an old wheel around the beach much to their delight.

 It was a stunning day with lovely views over to the Ness of Sound...

...and the Ness of Trebister

On the way home we decided we best stop at Tescos to buy some bits and bobs and had a great view of grey seals basking in the early afternoon warmth without even having to leave the car.

Shetland weather is nothing but unpredictable, so after a wonderful morning and afternoon we arrived home to find a few flakes of snow were starting fall, 10 minutes later it was white over and it just continued to fall!


  1. Awesome - I love spotting wildlife. It's always impressive seeing something bigger than a mouse in the wild. I once spent ages looking for whales off the coast of no avail though.

  2. I love the beach. It's about 4 minutes walk from my house.
    Merryn and I were there later on in the day and walked the coast to guilberwick..
    Thankfully mum was able to pick us up. As soon as we were in the car it started snowing! We got a heads up from Merryn's mum in Yell...

    A most beautiful day =]