Friday, 5 February 2010

Smiles Not Miles

I'm currently reading an interesting travel book about a guy who cycles from the far east of Siberia back home to England by a very round about route; Cycling Home From Siberia

Rob Lilwall, the author, sets out what ends up being around a 3 and a half year trip on his trusty old steed; all with out the need of a team of researchers and truck loads of back up crew. It's a fasinating insight into the live's of the people and places he travels through and into his own self.

Whilst crossing the Nullabor Plain in Australia, fighting fierce headwinds he remembered a phrase from childhood whilst slowly rafting down the Severn, 'Smiles Not Miles'  and swaps it round to 'Miles Not Smiles' as he grins and bears the headwinds inorder to the get the miles done.

In the past I've definitely been of the 'Miles Not Smiles' type in whatever I do, but what with erm...age, maturity, CFS or Zazen I've become more of a 'Smiles Not Miles' type of guy. Life's alot more fun that way!

Talking of 'Smiles Not Miles' we've just come back from the Mossbank's Got Talent Show!! Primary 6 and 7 kids doing weird and wonderful things to raise money for Haiti such as blindfold drawing, playing keyboard with their feet and the less un-usual singing. Lots of smiles from the audience, but not really talents that will get you miles!

Fun doesn't stop there though we're off to an local hall for a fish and chip night tomorrow, yum yum....

And I'll need it, as on Sunday I'm hoping to walk up Ronas Hill, the highest point in Shetland. Will I make it, will I return, will it be worth the effort to see the chambered carin at the summit? You (if there is anyone out there), like me will have to wait and see...

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