Saturday, 27 February 2010

Sandwick Beach, Hillswick

It's been a bit of a rough week up here weather wise and for me too, with schools closed all week and Beren to look after. The strain is telling. But before Clare and Beren went off to Lerwick for the afternoon we decided to pop up to Hillswick in Eshaness and trudge through the deep snow to the beach in Sandwick Bay behind the village. Poor Beren needed to be carried in part even though I'd broken a trail for hill to walk through.

As we left the road we saw the cemetry, pretty much round, is that odd?

The we came down the steep snow covered shingle to the most beautifully sparkly beach I've been on. Flecks of dazzling muscovite micas from the local rocks glittered in the sun and washed in the gently lapping sea.

It was a glorious morning with winter sun one way...

... and clear blue skies and inviting water the other and Nista Skerries and other outcrops clear to see.

We were accompanied by a local camera shy sheep dog, wonder if he was after this huge dinosaur bone Clare found to sit on? It can't really be the first bit of proper tree drift wood we've seen surely, a dinosaur bone is much more likely!

The roads on the way to Hillswick were still piled up at the side with ploughed and drifted snow and here and there were some really pretty wind blown features marvel at, even some cornices. On the way back home we eventually found a place to park the car where we wouldn't get stuck to have a sandwich and a cuppa. Mangaster Voe with views out over Egilsay, Papa Stour and in the far distance Foula was great, but a narrow wind blown snow ridge caught my eye as it meandered up the rocky embankment.

They went to Lerwick and I'm supposed to be resting. So why am I writting this...

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  1. more great pics mate....get em printed and exported for card designs....