Monday, 22 February 2010

Moories, Moorie-Caavies, Mell-Moories...

It's snowing again. More than ever. Lots and lots. Schools are shut. We're snowed in. I've cleared the car 3 times.

I tried to get to the 27 miles to 'da toon' for an appointment, but lost control just after leaving Firth and after 100m of sliding this way and that managed to stop just before I went in a big ditch, phew, double phew as there was no other traffic. I just came home, glad I did, otherwise I'd still be there now, along with other stuck people.

The road out

The main road to freedom

I know it's said that the Inuit have a hundred names for snow but there are a few here, even though 'everyone' says there's not usually much snow!

  • Bearing or Doonlay is snowfall
  • A moorie is a blizzard
  • A blinnd-moorie is a snow storm
  • A moorie-caavie is a violent blizzard
  • A mell-moorie is a violent blizzard of fine powdery snow, white out
  • Moor is heavy snow fall
  • Flukra are pretty snow shaped snow
  • Skalva are wet snow flakes
  • Muckle flukra/skalva are big ones
  • Peerie flukra/skalva are small ones
  • Snaa is just snow
  • A fann is a snow drift
  • hailey stanes, grof hail, smaa hail, go on take a guess...
I'm sure there are more, I know there are plenty of names for different types of rain and wind.

So what does this tell me? Do we really get lots of snow, wind and rain???

The good news is that it's forecast to get worse as the week goes on, apparently today was sunny. I think the order of the day for tomorrow might be sledging, hot chocolate and Shetland buttered toast...

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  1. Well, an update really. There was about 1.5 ft of snow on the road this morning but a nice big tractor came along today and dug us all out. We've got the cars nearer the main road but really it's still a no go to going anywhere with another 4" of snow due tonight and showers for the rest of the week.

    Apparently the worst winter since 1987, but also today co-incides with the start of the snow of 1947 where it snowed for 6 weeks and 50,000 sheep died!