Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Lunna Landings

After a morning at toddler group the weather, changeable as ever, was glorious. It was cold and windy but that goes without saying!

So, wrapped up in several layers Beren and I went to explore the penninsula of Lunna Ness that sticks out around 4 miles into the North Sea. Towards the end of the Ness is Hamnavoe with an amazing ayre leading out into Boatsroom Voe. There are a few more ayres and tombolo's along Lunna Ness to explore one day.

The remains of an old house or barn stand on the rocks right at the start of the Ayre of Hamnavoe. It was howling there today.

The Ness really is a lovely place with a very different feel to much of Shetland, possibly even pastoral, especially around West Lunna Voe where Lunna House looks across towards home near Moss Bank.

Here's the  Hunter's Monument, reminiscent of Glastonbury Tor, but used to spy on the landlords fishermen and tenants.

Old estate walls are pretty fancy near Lunna House,even either side of the road, I wasn't sure if I was driving somewhere I shouldn't. But they weren't all fancy, here's the remains of a lime kiln built into the end of one leading to the Voe.

And the remains of a somewhat old 'Old Gothic House' seen from Vidlin Voe.

By this time we were both feeling the chill and with Beren struggling to stay awake we made one last stop at Laxo Burn where a lovely set of waterfalls lead into Laxo Voe, not far from where one of the Whalsay Ferries leave.

Look trees!

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