Monday, 22 February 2010

Guitar hero, not...

I've been teaching myself to play guitar for the last 3 months on Clare's lady sized guitars. But as I like the sound I've made it harder by learning to play in DADGAD tuning and finger style too. Even better, I can find no one up here in Shetland who plays or teaches it so it's just me and my book...

Anyway I though I'd post a little video of some bits I've been learning on both guitars for contrast. The tension of trying to record it is evident, but also it's useful to see what I do when playing. Tension in my face, neck and chin forward, left hand fingers I'm not using rigid and tense. Alos lets me see tha Clare's guitar really does look as small as it feels for my less than lady sized hands!


  1. That's good, Kev! After a bit of finger picking, I'm always desperate to strum - so your picking is probably better than mine - I usually just use thumb, index and middle finger...
    Already sounding quite folky though!

  2. well well, fantastic stuff. loads more relaxed since last time i saw ya. very impressed mate.