Sunday, 14 February 2010

A family valentines venture

It's Valentines Day, a fresh day, and a chance to walk off the excellent curry we had at The Gurkha Nepalese Restaurant in Lerwick for Clare's birthday.

Which way to go then?

Well the yowes (sheep) couldn't make their mind up where we should go, so we decided to head for North Ham on Muckle Roe first.

As we approached we got a great view of Town Loch which leads out into the sea beyond the cove.

An old croft stands up above the loch. What a fantastic location!

We found a lovely sheltered spot on the shore for a picnic with circling spoot scories or maalies (fulmars) on the high cliffs on the left. Luckily no spoot on us!

After a break and realising the wind was picking up and the sky darkening we decided to nip over the headland to South Ham to be delighted to see a few Sylkies (seals) very close in and dratsi (otter) spraint too but no dratsi to be seen. Walking out on the jetty we could see right to the bottom of the crystal clear water, so inviting if not for the awaiting chill.

 A couple great spots to camp in the summer and a lot less tiring than riding there! Next on the agenda for Muckle Roe is Otter Ayre and Otter Hill, bet you can't guess what we hope to see there? But for now the forecast is heavy rain for the rest of the week and more snow by the end. Luckily we made it home before the wind and rain got bad!

Here's a little video montage of our day...

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