Monday, 1 February 2010

Extra Terrestrial Beings

There's been some odd sights around Shetland of late, seemingly of a temporary nature...

Be 'were' of the rabbit

Sitting zazen

Family fun (notice the babe in arms)

The Vikings haven't quite all gone, yet!

A still life of park life

But the weather is just about bear-able

I'm sure there'll be more curiosities in the days to come. Schools were closed again today and are likely to be again tomorrow. Amazingly the gritters are carrying on doing a fanstastic job, they should get the bonuses the bankers get!

And how good is this, not only are the council gritters out from 6am-6pm clearing and gritting roads, but they also form a convoy for the last buses home from Lerwick!

There are announcements on the radio and web that the gritter will be leaving at 5pm with the bus behind it and for people to form a convoy behind them, amazing! Doesn't help too much if you live along way off the main roads, but where esle in the UK do you hear of that happening?

Isn't Shetland great eh?

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