Saturday, 20 February 2010

At Otter Ayre there's otters there!

Sun sparkling, snow blinding, we set off for a short trip to what is so far our favourite part of Shetland, Muckle Roe, and a small, easily accessible beach, Otter Ayre.

Looking south into Muckle's interior

 Looking down on Otter Ayre

Snow bearded sheep were looking down on us too!

Clare took the burn with a heroic leap

Whilst Beren practised his stone levitation skills

And a seal found it all very interesting

Looking out from the beach the Drongs of Eshaness were clear to see

And nearer at hand some prehistoric shark fins broke the surface

But the thrill of the day was when Clare asked me what these prints were...

Up the hill with foot and tail drag marks clear to see...

Around the rabbit burrows and off up the burn

And we headed back up the hill too and to Frankies, the most northerly chippie in the UK

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