Wednesday, 27 January 2010

A Wet Wednesdays Walk

Today is a public holiday in Shetland, with a nightful of partying for many and more to come tonight it must have seemed the sensible thing to have one. But with a two year old we weren't partying even if we wanted to, so we decided to stride out into the 'periodic showers and fresh NW winds' and go to see some nearby tombolos which link Fora Ness to the mainland leaving a hoob or lagoon between Swinister Voe and Dales Voe.

The furthest tombolo is North Ayre and the nearest, a double tombolo is unsurprisingly South Ayre. Fora Ness is the island on the right.

Below is South Ayre, a double tombolo, but all that water connecting Dales Voe and Swinister Voe has to get through somewhere, so an unexpected hop skip and a splodge were needed in parts.

The 'periodic showers and fresh winds' that stung our bodies through waterproofs lead to some great atmospheric views though.

And even a threatening mythical creature...

The wind on the top on the way back to the car was unbelievable.We struggled just to keep both ourselves and the pushchair upright, but we did! Time to get home, get warm and for me have a some pain killers and a snooze!

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