Saturday, 16 January 2010

Still standing

To paraphrase Elton John 'It's still standing after all these years'

Oh My God, it's not the curry we had last night but typical Shetland weather. The gusting gales last night have had our bedroom creaking, bed shaking, wall vibrating and hand on heart, we even saw the light bulb sway!!!

It felt like we were on a plane going down the runway all night.

And it's forecast to get stronger LOL!

It puts into perspective the terrors that people in Haiti are going through. We've got a bit of shaking and it's fairly amusing as we're obviously safe, but I hear on the radio this morning that things are no better in Haiti with the aid situation, dumps of aid still left on the runways. Still, Hilary Clinton is on her way there now though so all will be fine...

Spare a thought for all those there, their families and friends else where, may be even a few quid?

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