Sunday, 31 January 2010

Snowy Sunday

It's been snowing for a few days and pretty rough weather at times, schools are closed again and feeling the need to get out I decided to go to Muckle Roe to check out how accessible a great beach we'd seen would be with Beren. Snow drifts across the road to Muckle Roe stopped me even getting to the island though, so I went up to Mavis Grind instead.

The Grind is a narrow belt of land that seperates the North Sea from the Atlantic Ocean and connects North Mainland (Northmavine) to the Shetland Mainland. In the past this was a short cut across Shetland for boats which would be dragged the 35 yards from one side to the other to save them going all the way round the top.

Here's one that didn't quite make it and won't be going anywhere soon

The weather was a bit rough at times but there was plenty of shelter...

...and the solitude and views were worth it


I even managed to find a chambered cairn half buried in the snow...

...and the remains of a homestead which is now a sheep shelter


I've never used trekking poles before, but I'm a convert now, especially in the snow with no paths, they're grrreat! I just need to get two matching ones. Then it was home to dinner, a snooze and a bit of snow fun with Beren in the garden.

Here's a quick sweep from near Mavis Grind to the Minn where the atlantic enters the Voe and out to sea. You'll see a few seals that were there all the time and in a few of the photos.

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