Monday, 25 January 2010

Muckles, Ayres and Taings

This weekend we ventured out with some friends to our first community winter lunch of tattie soup, reestit mutton, bannocks and for me some yummy apple pie with custard. Usually in the summer, the local halls put on high teas for people to get together drink tea, eat cake and raise some money for the community halls. All very civilised and a great idea! This was a winter version and very popular.

And it was well needed by us as despite the occasional shower and biting winds we've been out and about. Down to our local small beach at the top of Firth's Voe a short walk away...

... and at Muckle Ayre beach on the island of Muckle Roe

The headland is called Burki Taing, a taing being a rocky spur, and is made up of the local red granite. Some of which had a hardy little white flower surviving on it, possibly freeze dried! Unfortunately I don't know what it is, yet...

Looking across from the taing is Crue Geo (a collapsed sea cave), just visible as a dark crevice. The coast is scattered with geo's big and small and some lead to subterranean passages that open out into collapsed caves inland, amazing. But the main object of this picture is what I fancifully think of as a bead from a giants necklace. I assume it is really and quite mundanely a trawl net float!

Mill Burn runs down from the hills to the beach...

... as does Beren!


  1. Am I just a bit greedy and annoying for wanting the pictures a bit bigger?
    Cracking stuff though.

  2. Sorry PA, seem to be a limmitation of blogspot, well it is free :o) I tried and things have gone a bit goofy and now can't get them back. It also seems to compress them alot when you upload so when I stretch them back to a bigger size they go all grainy. If you have any ideas feel free to tinker