Monday, 11 January 2010

Mind-fullness and the guitar

I'm thinking of starting a sitting group up here and as a result I've recently watched a Zen Mediation DVD featuring Rev. Master Daishin and other of monks of Throssel Hole Buddhist Abbey which gives instructions for sitting and putting practise in to your daily life. Gassho to Rev. Mugo for that, amongst other things.

I've been sitting for a few years now and have read a book or two in that time but when watching this video I was struck by the difference between mindfulness and mind-fullness. This difference isn't something new to me but today it wanted to be recognised.

I'm currently trying to learn to play guitar, some thing that started when I was about 8, I think, when was given one as a birthday present along with a teach yourself book. Along the way I some how became pretty good at playing the didgeridoo instead and never got anywhere with the guitar. But when I moved up here I resolved to get another teach yourself guitar book...

But as I'm nearly the big 4-0 , not 8, and like a challenge I thought I'd choose a non-standard tuning DADGAD and finger style. Yeah, I'm daft like that.

Now, when I am learning to play the guitar, using different fingers of each hand on different strings and different places and reading the tab and score I am very much in the moment of each note and each finger but I'm totally unaware of anything else. I'm being very much mind-full but not the least mindful of the moment!

May be one day I'll be able to play mindfully and in response to the moment but for now I'm spinning plates in my own little world of self-induced suffering...

Why then does it feel so comfortable?


  1. Such a humane post :)
    Hello Kev and nice to meet you.

    Zen Buddhism will certainly help you to hear your true voice, that deep inside you [as opposed to the mind].
    My man plays the guitar too and is tuned to a myriad of world tunes.

  2. Hi Nat thanks for taking the time to read and your comments