Wednesday, 13 January 2010

I was wondering where it had gone...

... the Shetland winter weather that is. Forget those alluring photos of snow and ice, wonderland trips on the Voe's. When I got up this morning that was all gone.

White caps running up the Voe, clouds screaming over the tops, rain, cold and horizontal. Bench blown over in the garden. Grey pebble dash, grey sky, grey waters, grey. I am in Shetland in January after all!

Returning from nursery drookled and waiting for a dachin to take the dog furt I caught myself thinking that the change is good. The gritters can have their Christmas, the animals can get their fodder and we don't have the joys of de-icing cars in a blizzard or getting stuck.

I've not been too great the last week in particular with my ME symptoms building up after the move here along with non-stop sight seeing. The icing on the cake will be ending this week with a hoop jumping session with the local Pathways To Work Advisor, oh that I could jump hoops...

But the seasonal weather reminded me of the words from a song 'it can't rain all the time, the sky won't fall forever' and as I look out my window I see the sheep seemingly doing what they do, day in day out; wind, rain or snow. Chopping wood, fetching water so to speak.
Like the sheep, we only live now, in each moment, not waiting for the dachin even if we feel drookled.

Do the sheep worry about explaining their life to a stranger on friday? Do they worry about being some one's dinner one day? I don't really know, but it does seem that the sheep are being sheep and sometimes instead of me being me I'm being what was or what might be...

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