Sunday, 17 January 2010

Geological Past

Today the gales had eased off so we took a trip to a beautiful little beach called Back Sands near Ollaberry. I wanted to go there as I knew as well as being lovely the end of the beach was formed by a big fault face called the Walls Boundary Fault which is probably part of the Great Glen Fault system that Loch Ness lies within in the Highlands.

19 years ago I left Kingston on Thames Polytechnic with a Degree in Geology, so it was interesting to see just how much I'd forgotten! Here's Back Sands with the fault face in the background...

A seal or 'ball-heed' kept popping up from time to time to see what we were up to but as ever it evaded the camera.

Below are some micro folds in some of the schists and meta-quartzites on the beach, one of which is obviously keeping an eye on any goings on...

Here's a link to some of the other varied and amazing geological sites of Shetland.

Geology there may be loads of, but unfortunately trees there are few and far between, a bit different to back 'home' in East Cleveland. Anyway, I found this little grove on the beach...

And finally, heading back to the car the sun was just staring to fall over Ollaberry Bay, not that it has far to go at this time of year!

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