Monday, 11 January 2010

First winter

Wow! What an introduction to Shetland eh?
Worst winter in how long, but the best winter I can remember...

Pretty much out of the blue my wife got a job on Shetland working for the council and we had 2 months notice in which to re-order our lives, move our lives and leave the area I'd called home for pretty much my whole life, not to mention leaving our family and friends.
So why call this rambling of mine 'moder-dye'? Well, I might as well answer it now before anyone asks (there may be some one)... well the Shetland Dictionary on shetlopedia says "a movement of the sea always running towards land, formerly used to get home in fog " and it seemed a very appropriate term for this here sooth-moother. The last few years have been a bit of a fog in some ways but I'm finding a flow that's leading me home.

It seems that I've suddenly gone camera mad since moving up here. I usually either forget the camera when I go some where or take it and forget to use it but it's now the poor blighter is so over used it's literally falling apart! Instead of boring you with the hundreds of photo's I've already bored friends with I'll just post a select few and a little video of an amazing day out to a couple of island with new friends.

Clare and Beren sledging...

...and on West Sandwick beach, Yell

Remains of a Broch on Houlland Loch, Eshaness

View from Brae Marina and a trip from it...

We're trying to get to grips with the places, language and some new foods such as reestit mutton broth and Aunty Mary's bannocks, both I'm proud to say I've made with my own fair hands and tasted delicious! Check out Shetlopedia for some more mouth watering and stomach turning recipes, as well as more local phrases and places.

Oh, and to answer those who have been wondering what we're going to do in those horrible dark Shetland winters, as well as the above I'll be telling you of the angst growing nails to for learning to play guitar in DADGAD tuning, whether the folk of Shetland are ready for didgeridoo lessons, whether a Shaun the Sheep airfix model can destroy my zen-like calm...


  1. Awesome! That page banner is great and a cool blog name too :-) Perfect!

  2. So this is what you get up to when I'm at work!! Looks very professional, you may master the duck yet.....
    Clare x Good luck.

  3. Looks lovely apart from all that white stuff. :-D

    All the very best to the three of you in your new life up there.

  4. Looks like your enjoying the life up in the proper north.

    Take care mate