Friday, 15 January 2010

First January Gales

The snow has practically all gone except for on the very tops and the gales are arriving. Ferries are cancelled, it's currently gusting to over 30mph, but due to get up to 60-70mph gusts by the morning. A light breeze then for a Shetland winter, Beren's already nearly taken off today!

On the way to Lerwick today I had to stop and film these wisps and plumes of water being whipped up and blown down Dales Voe, are these njugles? You can't see it, but there were rainbows in each one, an amazing site. The scories weren't fairing too well, but the yowes, well they were just being yowes ...

Oh yeh, it's raining too (goes without saying really)


  1. Thanks for posting this. It is magical. I saw the same spindrift last week. BTW, what's the background music?

    Another Kevin

  2. Hi Kevin

    I don't seem to get any notification of comments for some reason.

    The music is 'Freedom' by an old band of mine called Dronewars. Mail me at kserginson at googlemail dot com and I can send you some mp3s if you want.