Wednesday, 22 September 2021

A short overnighter at the Hams O Roe, Muckle Roe

 A new work colleague was asking me about places to camp locally as he wanted to make the most of the weather before darkness and autumn closed in. Fancying a camp myself I suggested we try The Hams O Roe, a walk and a location I knew couldn't fail to please someone wanting to spend time Shetland's outdoors.

We headed out from Little Ayre via the west coast before cutting inland for the last section to South Hams and then continuing around to North Hams to camp. We also had a cheeky dip in the sea!

My bionic knee struggled a bit with the camping bit, squatting and crouching about, but with any luck we'll find a good spell for another camp before too long.

Bye for now...

Four days in Orkney

Luck must have been on our side when my cycling buddy and I booked a long weekends cycling in Orkney. The weather leading up to the weekend was fairy ropey, but we'd booked accommodation at Pickaquoy Campsite and the ferries and decided to go anyway. I'm so glad we did as we hit a perfect spell of weather!

After arriving late night off the ferry Shetland we were up early on day one for a trip to Sanday, one of the northern isles of Orkney, which is a 2-2.5 hour ferry! 

Day two saw us heading in the opposite direction from Kirkwall down over the Churchill Barriers and the south isles to the southern tip of South Ronaldsay.

Day three and we were heading east round Tankerness and Deerness with a rare treat of two pit stops in Sheila Fleet's cafe! 

And our final day saw us take on a long ride out west and Wideford Hill, the steepest and longest road climb on Orkney before lunch in Stromness.

After 4 days and just over 250 miles I was fairly shattered and my bionic knee was too, but we had a great 'end to the summer' travelling around our southern neighbours.

Thanks for popping by!

Sunday, 15 August 2021

A day on the bike

 So, we had a great holiday back with family on the North Yorkshire coast with swims, walks, and lots of meals, but I had that time off from videos and photos. I just wanted to chillout and relax after not seeing everyone for so long.

Back in Shetland we've been busy and the weathers been variable, more like autumn at times. I've been swimming regularly (the water is definitely far warmer down south!) and a few walks and rides, but nothing of note.

Yesterdays ride was hoped to be another biggie for the year before weather and daylight make it less fun. However, things don't always go as you plan.

Anyway, here's a video of what turned out to be a nice ride around The Alps and Nesting areas in central Shetland...

Saturday, 3 July 2021

The Guns of Vementry and the Heel Shaped Cairn


As I'd hoped me and my wife got to go out to the Isle of Vementry to visit the old WW1 gun emplacement and the heel shaped cairn. My wife's been to Vementry a few times byt kayak and boat, and even camped on there, but some how has never visited the island's main feature, the guns.

Today she would, and she'd have the pleasure of a short swim to the island to do so. And obviously a short swim back! 

Here's a video of our trip to what is a wonderful place to visit with amazing panoramic views...

We're off sooth to North Yorkshire and family tomorrow, let's see what fun we get up to there...

Friday, 2 July 2021

A summer century and some new swim locations explored

 The build up of ride distance has continued with my friend and I doing a summer century (100 mile+) to Yell for an all day breakfast at LJs Diner. The breakfast was well earned with 171km or 106 miles hilly miles from home in Scalloway and back.

With holidays back home to visit family imminent there'll be no progression on that for a while, but it was good to do my first 100 miler in a year and live (or walk) to tell the tale!

I've also explored a couple of new swim spots with a great pootle along the coast at Mail Beach in Cunningsburgh...

And just today, the north shore of Gulberwick on what was a stunning summers day...

I may get up to one more adventure tomorrow if the weather is fine with another swim trip to Vementry to visit the WW1 guns. 

If not look out for some content from back home in North Yorkshire where we'll be camping, hiking, biking an swimming!

Sunday, 6 June 2021

Recent rides and swims as summer hits Shetland

I've been mainly putting up short videos of swims and rides on my YouTube channel lately as summer has hit Shetland, but I'll hopefully get some more blog type content in the near future. 

After my Burra arch swim I went to go back and try to swim in the bigger Burra arch down from the Hill of Sandwick on west Burra, but the sea was too challenging for comfort so I went to a stone beach just below Hamnavoe for a swim and look at about. Urmalee beach...

I've also returned to a pool and cave in Stenness again with a view to getting some better and more up to date video of that location over looking Dore Holm. This time I got in for a swim, but not without having an unwelcome guest!

However, I did finally make it down to the Hill of Sandwick arch on a lovely evening! I couldn't get in the locations I thought would be best, but spied a route down steep ramps on the cliff to enter in the pool of the arch. There was still quite a bit of surge through the arch which prevented as much exploring as I'd like, but it was good fun and good to know the best way in to it...

My knee has also been behaving enough for me to start building up my bike rides again, which is quite  relief. Though my wrist issues are still confining me to the road. I get to see my wrist consultant soon for the results of an MRI back in December 2020, so hopefully I'll get a way forward from there which will allow me treatment to get back on the off-road for some summer bikepacking.

Last weekend I got out for a 95km hilly tour of Northmavine with my friend, including the climb to Collarfirth Mast, which was a real boost to the confidence in my knee.

And yesterday we did a 145km coast to coast from Scalloway to Huxter to Nesting and back to Scalloway. Another big confidence booster with a fair amount of climbing involved...

I'm hoping this rise in health and activity can continue, and I can get some hiking, biking and camping in over the summer.  I just need to be careful to rest my various achy bits enough too! 

Thanks for popping by, Kevin

Saturday, 22 May 2021

Bathing on Burra

 I'm just posting up a couple of recent swimming videos from down on Burra. 

The first one is a little  explore of the smaller one of two accessible arches on the east coast of Burra. Though my wife would challenge my definition of accessible...

The second is at Urmalee Beach, near Hamnavoe, after a early morning mission to swim in the bigger arch was aborted due to the wind swinging around in the night and the swell getting up too much for a safe entry an exit on the seaward side of the arch.

Thanks for looking in.